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I have been faithful to metal since my youth. Since those days, the problem of keeping up to date with new releases of my favorite artists has accompanied me. Before I started the "Metal Detector" with Nils, I used social media to keep myself informed about new releases of my favorite bands. But the ads are annoying, and I have to actively scroll through the feed. I wanted to create a solution that would notify me as soon as one of my favorite bands released or announced a new album.


As I have never been keen on social media, finding out about new releases of my favorite bands has always been a messy, time-consuming task of browsing various sites with huge ugly tables, seeing the same releases again and again. There was no way of tailoring that to my listening habits. Seeing lots of friends having the same problem as Daniel and me, I wanted to solve this once and for all and also give something back to the amazing community.

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