We are online!

Hell Yeah! After a long development time, the "Metal Detector" is finally online in a minimal version that represents the most important use case. We have invested a lot of work and free time for our baby, which we want to share with you today.

The story behind Metal Detector

At this point I would like to briefly describe how the idea for "Metal Detector" was born. I have been working with Nils together for many years. I still remember, as if it was yesterday, that about 2 years ago we were sitting in the office with a beer after work and were modeling the data model of our first side project. There should be a platform on which multiple choice tests for various IT certificates could be centrally administered and made available. The idea is not necessarily bad, but there was a clear lack of uniqueness here. We started roughly by building an application that would provide a rudimentary authentication workflow consisting of registration, login, logout and password recovery function. Today's foundation of the Metal Detector.

After a few more weeks, however, we realized that the previous idea of the multiple choice platform had no prospects for us. It is simply not a real problem that we had ourselves. We would lack the motivation in the long run to see the project through to the end. So we put our heads together once again and thought about which unsolved problem we currently have. This problem should ideally be in an area that connects us in some way. That is heavy metal.

What problem should Metal Detector solve

Ask yourself how you keep up to date with upcoming releases. For us, it usually looked like this: we regularly checked a wide range of online sources and set us a reminder that band XY will release a new album in 3 months. This is mega annoying and time consuming. Our music taste is very broad and we wondered why there is no platform that knows all my favorite bands and proactively notifies me when one of them announces a new release or the release date has finally arrived. That was the birth of Metal Detector.

The features we start with

We want to create a metal release calendar that is 100% tailored to you and your listening habits. These are the features we are launching with:

You can be sure that it won't stay at this level of functionality. We listen to your feedback and still have a full backlog with a lot of features that you can expect in the future. So you can be curious. It will be cool!