Top 6 Releases of 2020

In this post we want to present you our top 6 metal releases from the previous Corona year. The selection is made from purely subjective points of view. Love it or hate it!

Karg - Traktat

The Austrian band Karg is one of my absolute favorite bands since "Weltenasche". Not only do I like the Austrian dialect, in which all songs are written but also the depressive mood that carries you through all the songs. The 8 songs offer a lot of variety between calm, dreamy and melancholic on the one hand and fast and aggressive passages on the other hand. Especially the quiet passages are that enchant me every time anew and do not let the album become boring until today.


Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou - May Our Chambers Be Full

With Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou two of my favorite artists of the last years teamed up for what was my most anticipated and then became my most listened and most loved release of 2020. The collaboration brings the very best of both worlds: Thou's distinctive heavy sound together with Emma's beautiful voice. Whoever might have missed that, go listen to it now!


Naglfar - Cerecloth

After 8 years finally again a life fork from the Swedes. With "Cerecloth" Naglfar deliver fast and melodic Black Metal without much frills. Those who liked the previous albums will also like this album and they get to hear exactly what they expect. My favorite song is the opener, which marches steeply forward and immediately makes clear where the journey goes.


Hellripper - The Affair Of The Poisons

The Scottish one-man Black'n'Roll project blasted its way into my world last year with this amazing record, from the first to the last track. Fast, aggressive and without weak spots this is definitely worth more than one listen. This is the kind of metal for good moods and having fun!


Thrudvangar - Vegvisir

The previous album "Tiwaz" is now 7 years ago and I have actually no longer expected new material. Just in time for the 20th anniversary of the band, the Viking Metal dudes from Germany have hit us with an amazing album. With "Vegvisir" the genre was not reinvented, but that's why I celebrate the album so much! The songs are bursting with fighting mood and in my mind I have more than once brought out my mead horn and toasted the gods in greeting.


Afsky - Ofte Jeg Drømmer Mig Død

The second album of Danish one-man project Afsky hits exactly where atmospheric black metal should: the beautiful dreamy acoustic intro changes into cold deep sadness and anger. Great release with an amazing cover that holds what it promises. In a genre that at times can feel kind of exhausted, this is definitely one of the great ones!