Future plans

Since about a month the Metal Detector has opened its doors for a small selection of people. The development has not stood still since then and will not stand still the rest of the year. We still have plenty of features and improvements planned for the Metal Detector. Today I want to give you a small overview of what you can look forward to in the future.


Currently the concept of the site is that you have to actively visit it and inform yourself when which band is releasing a new album. By restricting to your favorite bands, you are quickly up to date, but this manual effort is of course uncomfortable. Exactly for this reason there will soon be a notification system that will notify you proactively. For the time being this will be done via email and you can choose whether you want to receive a summary about recently released and upcoming album releases of your favorite band and/or additionally be notified on the day of announcement and/or release. In addition to email, channels such as Telegram or RSS feed are also conceivable in the future.

Desktop first, mobile second

One or the other will have noticed it already, but mobile the Metal Detector is rather a disaster and not really usable. Of course this does not fit to today's time and we want to change that as soon as possible, because we want to be available and usable for you on the go. A big construction site this year will therefore be the optimization of the website's optimization for mobile devices. Currently there are no plans to release the Metal Detector as a native app for Android and iPhone. We definitely lack the womanpower for that at the moment.

Multiple options for Sign in

Registering on a completely new and unknown site is already an inhibition threshold for many. And in the end it is also inconvenient, if I have to enter my email and password somewhere again and again. For this reason you will have the possibility to log in to your Metal Detector account via Google or Spotify in the future. The login via Spotify also has the advantage that you have your Spotify account directly linked to your Metal Detector account.

Metal Detector worldwide

All of the above goals, of course, pay directly into our biggest goal: Metal Detector should be accessible and usable by everyone. Therefore some concepts of the site have to be reworked and the hard login wall has to be removed. In any case all features mentioned above have to be implemented before.